Detox your body from toxins in 2 days

As a result of the hectic lifestyle we lead and the bad eating habits we adopt, our bodies accumulate significant amounts of toxins every day. These substances attack the body, alter its proper functioning and generate various problems such as fatigue, dull complexion, irritability… Thus, a small detox treatment from time to time could be extremely beneficiary to purify our bodies and eliminate every harmful substance.

The term “toxin” refers to any substance that may be toxic to the body. These can come from different internal and external sources.

External sources are associated with the environment, including pollution, medication, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and poor nutrition. Internal sources are linked to waste products produced by normal body function.

The presence or accumulation of toxins in the body can have many health consequences. These substances that invade our organisms prevent the organs from functioning properly and cause many problems such as dull complexion and acne, persistent fatigue or mood swings, depression and weight gain.

Normally, the body is able to get rid of these toxins, but in some cases, their accumulation is so great that it exceeds its cleansing capacity. Thus, helping the body to purify itself and remove toxins from its system is essential to preserve its health and energy.

There are many natural methods you can use to detox your body from drugs and toxins in less than 48 hours, ranging from daily rituals that cleanse quickly, to foods, drinks, and lifestyles that will help you keep your body clean over the long term.

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How to detox your body in less than 48 hours

To free the body from toxins, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle:

Follow a healthy and balanced diet: avoid processed foods, fruits or vegetables that are rich in nutrients and especially antioxidants are highly recommended. Also reduce your intake of red meat, probiotics improve intestinal transit and thus facilitate the elimination of toxins.

Drinking plenty of water is also essential to prevent dehydration, but also to drain toxins from the body. It is recommended to drink 1.5 L per day.

Limit or even avoid alcohol consumption. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages increases the level of free radicals in the body and slow down the liver metabolism, an essential organ in the elimination of toxins.

Get enough sleep, between 7 and 9 hours a day.

Practice sports regularly.

In addition to these different points, it is also recommended to do detox cures to remove toxins from your body. Note that to detoxify the body, it is important to target the organs that are responsible for eliminating waste products, namely the liver, kidneys, intestines, and lungs.

Discover below a detox plan to purify your body and regain your energy!

48-hour detox plan

The detox plan we propose below can be held over a period of 10 days, to be repeated twice a year, or over two days to be done more regularly throughout the year.

Here is the 48-hour version, to be tried during the weekend preferably. Note that during these two days, it is important to drink 250 ml of warm water on an empty stomach before breakfast.

Saturday (Day 1)

Breakfast: A cup of oatmeal, mixed with a teaspoon of linseed. 200 ml almond milk, ½ cup blueberry and a cup of green tea.

Lunch: 250 ml of water, two cups of mesclun, one tomato and green vegetables. A portion of grilled hake, a salad of Swiss chard and steamed potatoes seasoned with olive oil.

Snack: 250 ml of water, a yogurt made from goat’s milk or almond milk and ¼ cup of pumpkin seeds

Dinner: 250 ml of water or a large cup of aniseed tea, two cups of salad seasoned with olive oil and lemon, a wholemeal toast, a portion of grilled tuna and a half cup of steamed broccoli and spinach.

Sunday (Day 2)

Breakfast: a cup of oatmeal with a teaspoon of flax seeds, 200 ml almond milk, a pear and a cup of green tea

Lunch: 250 ml water, vegetable soup (peppers, onions, potatoes, peas, carrots and celery) and a portion of grilled chicken breast

Snack: an apple and a handful of nuts

Dinner: A toast of wholemeal bread, a carrot and beet salad seasoned with lemon juice and a grilled salmon steak

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