PS4 – Mean, Median and Mode

Central tendency A central tendency could be defined as a central value for a probability distribution. The central tendency could be also called the center of a random variable distribution to cluster around its mean, mode, or median. Mean The mean usually called ‘average’, is the sum of all the data points over the number… read more »

PS3 – Histograms and Stem-and-leaf plots

Histogram A histogram also called a frequency histogram could be defined as an accurate graphical representation of the distribution of numerical data set. It is an estimate of the probability distribution of a continuous variable which is why there are no gaps. Histogram differs from a bar graph in the sense that a bar graph… read more »

PS2 – Data distributions

Joint distribution It is a data table (similar to a relative frequency table) that shows the distribution of one set of data against the distribution of another set of data in percentages.     Weight lost (lbs)     0-2 2-4 4-6 6-8 +8 Miles walked per day   1-3 4% 2% 21% 1% 1%… read more »

PS1 – Data Visualization

This article is Chapter I from the author’s book Statistics and Probability Flashcards. Definitions Individuals and variables In a dataset, the individuals are the items with one or more properties, called variables. Individuals can be events, cases, objects, people, etc. Student (individuals) Height (variables) John 190 cm Ali 175 cm Paul 165 cm Clara 160… read more »

List of Top foods rich in Antioxidants

The majority of living beings need oxygen to ensure their existence while oxygen can produce free radicals that are also called reactive oxygen species (ROS, for reactive oxygen species) toxic to the integrity of the body cells.  organisms have a system of antioxidants and enzymes that work together to prevent damage to cell components such… read more »