List of Top foods rich in Antioxidants
List of Top foods rich in Antioxidants

The majority of living beings need oxygen to ensure their existence while oxygen can produce free radicals that are also called reactive oxygen species (ROS, for reactive oxygen species) toxic to the integrity of the body cells.  organisms have a system of antioxidants and enzymes that work together to prevent damage to cell components such as DNA , lipids, and proteins .

Many studies have attempted to study the impact of taking dietary supplements of antioxidants in the prevention of different diseases.

The best known antioxidants are ß-carotene (provitamins A), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherol (vitamin E), polyphenols and lycopene. These include flavonoids (widespread among plants), tannins (in cocoa, coffee, tea, grapes, etc.), anthocyanins (especially in red fruits) and phenolic acids (in cereals, fruits and vegetables).

Antioxidant in Beverages

Antioxidant content mmol/100 ga)nminmax
Apple juice0.27110.120.60
Black tea, prepared1.050.751.21
Cocoa with milk0.3740.260.45
Coffee, prepared filter and boiled2.5311.244.20
Cranberry juice0.9250.751.01
Espresso, prepared14.2212.6415.83
Grape juice1.260.691.74
Green tea, prepared1.5170.572.62
Orange juice0.64160.470.81
Pomegranate juice2.121.592.57
Prune juice1.030.831.13
Red wine2.5271.783.66
Tomato juice0.48140.191.06

a) Mean value when n > 1

Antioxidant in nuts, legumes and grain products

Antioxidant content mmol/100 ga)nMinMax
Barley, pearl and flour1.040.741.19
Bread, with fiber/whole meal0.530.410.63
Buckwheat, white flour1.421.081.73
Buckwheat, whole meal flour2.021.832.24
Chestnuts, with pellicle4.71
Crisp bread, brown1.130.931.13
Maize, white flour0.630.320.88
Peanuts, roasted, with pellicle2.01
Pecans, with pellicle8.576.3210.62
Sunflower seeds6.425.397.50
Walnuts, with pellicle21.91313.1333.29
Wheat bread, toasted0.630.520.59
Whole wheat bread, toasted1.020.931.00

mean value when n > 1

Antioxidants in spices and herbs

Antioxidant content mmol/100 ga)nMinMax
Allspice, dried ground100.4299.28100.40
Basil, dried19.959.8630.86
Bay leaves, dried27.8224.2931.29
Cinnamon sticks and whole bark26.536.8440.14
Cinnamon, dried ground77.0717.65139.89
Clove, dried, whole and ground277.36175.31465.32
Dill, dried ground20.2315.9424.47
Estragon, dried ground43.8343.2244.75
Ginger, dried20.3511.3124.37
Mint leaves, dried116.4271.95160.82
Nutmeg, dried ground26.4515.8343.52
Oregano, dried ground63.2940.3096.64
Rosemary, dried ground44.8524.3466.92
Saffron, dried ground44.5323.8361.72
Saffron, dried whole stigma17.537.0224.83
Sage, dried ground44.3334.8858.80
Thyme, dried ground56.3342.0063.75

a) mean value when n > 1

Source : Carlsen MH, Halvorsen BL, Holte K, et al. The total antioxidant content of more than 3100 foods, beverages, spices, herbs and supplements used worldwide. Nutrition Journal. 2010;9:3. doi:10.1186/1475-2891-9-3.