1.Lift weights – to lose fat and build muscle you need to generate as much physiological stress as possible.  During hard exercise the body creates lactic acid and expends a great deal of energy both of which lead to fat loss and muscle gain.  To put it simply, if you train hard your body has to adapt, whether by burning fat or building muscle.

  1. Have a high protein target– protein fills you up… it’s a scientific fact, so without even trying you eat fewer calories. Protein helps maintain lean muscle mass and increase metabolic rate. Metabolic rate put simply is how quickly your body burns energy or calories.
  2. Do sprints NOT steady state cardio– sprints or periods of hard work followed by periods of rest is far more effective than steady state cardio. In steady state cardio your body is working aerobically and trying to preserve energy not burn it up.
  3. Take omega 3 fish oil – omega 3 increases fat loss by turning on a fat burning gland in the body and increasing insulin sensitivity.  This means it puts your body in a fat burning zone. Take around 6g per day, liquid being more effective than capsules.
  4. Eat lots of green veg– green vegetables are full of DIM which helps to naturally reduce the build up of toxins in the body in particular xenoestrogens which cause fat storage around the hips and legs.
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